Level up your coffee roasting

A simple solution for managing your coffee inventory, tracking your samples, and logging your roast profiles.

Roast Profiling

Easy-to-use roasting software

  • Record time and temperature automatically without disrupting your workflow
  • Dial-in your roast profiles while logging events and observations
  • Achieve more consistent roasts and control by overlaying reference profiles
Woman with tablet at roasting machine

Closing in on roasting nirvana

We help elevate roasts by harnessing your key roasting insights.

Roast Profiling Roast Profiling iPad

Maximize every coffee’s potential

Whether you’re evaluating samples, dialing in a micro lot, or scaling your production, RoastLog helps consistently reproduce your optimized flavor profiles by providing insight into the thermal dynamics of your roaster.

Manage what you measure

The direct benefit of monitoring real-time conditions is the ability to experiment with roasting parameters. RoastLog is an invaluable roasting tool that provides a methodical approach to tweaking roaster settings to achieve specific flavor profiles.

Log roast profiles automatically

We designed RoastLog to automatically record time / temperature curves, rate-of-rise, and roast energy. Hands-free profile logging let’s you focus on the development of your roasts while using reference profiles to guide your roasting.


Well-organized green coffee contracts, purchases, and commitments

  • Reduce inventory carrying costs and free up cash flow for other uses
  • Increase efficiency and align inventory with production schedules
  • Respond to changes in demand by adjusting coffee positions
  • Decrease waste and work-in-progress inventory
Canvas bags of coffee beans

Fostering lean manufacturing practices

We simplify your inventory operations, so you can produce exactly the coffee your customers want, when they need it.

Inventory Inventory iPad

Update green inventory in real time

Adjust your recipes at any point and watch as your inventory logs automatically reflect your changes after each roast in RoastLog. Track your roasting velocity and never run out of green inventory again.

Grow beyond spreadsheets

RoastLog provides insight into your rapidly growing business. As your business matures, streamline your operations with one application and avoid the costly and time-consuming inventory mismatches created when working with multiple sources.

Get low inventory alerts

Stay ahead of low inventory with RoastLog’s details on roasting velocity, including weekly roast amounts and anticipated zero dates. We’ll alert you when it’s time to schedule the next release of coffee from your warehouse.


High quality coffee

  • Perform physical assessment and grade incoming samples
  • Organize and plan green coffee purchases
  • Monitor feedback from first impressions through production
  • Capitalize on buying opportunities by keeping tabs on specific coffee lots
  • Track new offerings from your favorite producers
Man smelling coffee

Discovering your next favorite coffee

We streamline green coffee purchase decision making and simplify sample comparison.

Samples Samples iPad

Approach green coffee samples methodically

RoastLog helps you organize, prioritize, grade, and pare down your incoming green coffee offerings systematically. Enable quick decision making by cataloging and reviewing incoming samples. Efficiently identify follow-on coffees and substitutes as coffees become unavailable.

Access information instantaneously

Stay on top of green coffee purchase planning anytime, anywhere you have access to the web with RoastLog. Keep tabs on new coffee samples coming into the roastery, even if you’re offsite meeting producers, importers, or clients.

Import sample details directly into inventory

Save time and avoid duplicating data entry efforts using the RoastLog sample-to-inventory workflow. Share cupping notes, physical characteristics, and tasting observations with your team. Translate your sample details to production inventory with a single click.

Roasting Equipment

High quality coffee

  • Setup additional roasters at no additional cost
  • Integrate roaster equipment from all major manufacturers
  • Configure your roaster with thermocouples or RTDs
  • Coordinate across distributed roasting sites
  • Import data via Bluetooth or USB
Man and woman in front of roasting equipment

Succeeding together

We make it easy to bring additional equipment, team members, and locations online.

Samples Samples iPad

Setup quickly and easily

Our years of experience will have you up and running quickly and affordably. Whether you’re using a Phidgets data logger or the RoastLog data bridge, we’ll help integrate your hardware and guide you through installation.

Connect nearly any roaster

We’ve developed a data bridge that seamlessly integrates with all major roasting equipment manufacturers. Its Bluetooth and USB connectivity provides the greatest flexibility for transferring temperature data to the RoastLog software.

Keep things simple

Are you roasting on two ... three ... ten different roasters? No problem! Use RoastLog with as many roasters as you need — at no additional software cost. Period.

Data Collection

Easy data collection

  • Capture your most important details in one place
  • Record and display roast profiles in real-time
  • Manage your business on-the-go from anywhere
Man with laptop at roasting equipment

Keeping pace with your rapidly growing business

We unite your roasting activity with your business operations.

Data Collection

Focus on the insights rather than data collection

In the roastery, automated roast time/temperature curves are at the heart of RoastLog. We take care of collecting the data, so you can focus on what matters: your coffee.

House your data under one roof

Say goodbye to separate spreadsheets for things like green inventory, contracted coffees, samples, blend recipes, and equipment maintenance logs. Capture all of your critical information in one place with RoastLog, and streamline your operations.

Keep tabs on roastery productivity

Whether on the road or away from the roastery, you will never be out of touch with RoastLog. Keep team members aware of green coffee deliveries, monitor production status, and check-in on QC cupping results.


Serious data protection

  • Store your data safely and securely
  • Transmit your data with secure encryption
  • Gain peace of mind with our vulnerability scans
  • Process payments confidently through our PCI-compliant system
Woman laughing in a coffee shiop

Helping protect from the outside in

We guard your data from the bad guys — those hackers and rogue employees.


Control who views your data

Access to your roasting data is private by default. Admin users can choose to share information from RoastLog with partners, producers, and importers. Control what users can see and do through the roles and permissions page.

Secure data in the cloud

Passwords are only one way to restrict unauthorized access to your data. RoastLog encrypts your business’ information in the cloud — ensuring it’s safe, secure, and available whenever and wherever you need it.

Backup your business

In the unfortunate event that your computer or laptop is lost, stolen, or broken, your RoastLog account is backed up and protected in the cloud, making it available via an internet connection from anywhere and any device.


Better coffee roasting decisions

  • Understand the nuances of your roasting and buying patterns
  • Supercharge business decision making
  • Track organic and certified coffees
  • Maintain air quality and food safety recordkeeping logs
RoastLog software displayed on laptop

Supplementing roastery KPIs with easy-to-use reports

We help inform your operations and keep roasting production flowing efficiently.


Rely on insightful business tools

Go beyond time and temperature profiles in RoastLog. Glean information on roasting velocity, inventory availability, and costs. Monitor these important metrics to determine the most effective way to meet your strategic objectives.

Purchase with confidence

Generate RoastLog’s coffee position reports, understand your inventory flow, and view historical roasts to make purchase decisions with confidence. Parse information based on a variety of criteria, including bean lot, coffee origin, time period, and roaster.

Comply with local regulatory reporting requirements

Regulatory compliance can vary across locales. RoastLog is a vital tool for air quality management and food safety recordkeeping, organic and certified coffee tracking, and product recall SOPs.

Blend Management

Unique signature blends

  • Create pre-roast blends and adjust green inventory automatically
  • Mine your sample data for the perfect blend components
  • Link coffee menu items to green coffee inventory
  • Keep track of your single origin and blend recipes
Woman leaning over canvas bag of coffee beans

Preserving your unique blend recipes

We track and manage updates to your proprietary blends — cataloging every tweak in the creative process.

Blend Management Blend Management iPad

Develop your next blend

The pursuit of great blends relies on sourcing great coffees. RoastLog helps you efficiently grade samples with our evaluation tools and then easily create and manage your crafted blend.

Save time tracking inventory and recipes

Focus your time and energy refining the next blend profile to cater to your customers’ preferences. Leave the tedious part of managing the inventory and recipes to RoastLog.

Organize private label blends

Private labelling for wholesale clients can add complexity to your roasting operation. RoastLog manages your single origins and blend recipes while tracking your clients’ and your own coffees separately.


Clear green coffee tracking

  • Gain visibility to your coffee inventory before it arrives
  • Eliminate the need for daily inventory status emails, calls, and texts
  • Roast with confidence knowing your inventory is current
  • Update inventory with one click
Man wearing apron looking into paper bag of coffee beans

Scheduling production with confidence

We take the anxiety out of production planning and help maintain optimal green coffee inventory levels.

Deliveries Deliveries iPad

Keep the production team in the loop

Avoid bringing production to its knees with dwindling green coffee stock. Improve roastery communications by keeping tabs on incoming green coffee deliveries. Avoid back-and-forth with RoastLog’s delivery queue that’s visible to the entire team.

Maintain visibility from origin to roastery

RoastLog is prized for tracking coffee all the way to the warehouse and roastery. Once the coffee hits receiving, the Deliveries feature allows you to check-in or reject coffees, add notes, and update inventory.

Roast coffee worry-free

Your roasting team has enough on their plate with production schedules; they don't need to worry about what coffees are on the racks. RoastLog keeps production rolling making sure you have enough coffee in-house to meet demand.


Flexible cupping forms

  • Perform efficient sample evaluation, production cupping, and quality checks
  • Customize your own cupping forms or use the included Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Cupping Form
  • Share the results with staff, partners, producers
  • Filter and search results for easy recall of coffee samples
Men participating in cupping session smelling coffee blends

Screening coffees that make the grade

We keep you focused on the big picture — integrating coffee cupping results with sample and production roast data.

Cupping Cupping iPad

Create forms that align with your process

Create your own cupping templates with RoastLog’s easy-to-use cupping form builder. It’s as easy as dragging and dropping the cupping attribute you want. Setup cupping to collect qualitative information and scores.

Align with industry standards

Complement your cupping with physical evaluation and grading tools. SCA cupping and grading protocols and the World Coffee Research Sensory Lexicon are built into RoastLog’s cupping feature to stay in sync with the coffee community.

Develop your own cupping vocabulary

Updated with the New Coffee Flavor Taster’s Wheel, RoastLog’s cupping platform lets you add, edit, and delete cupping attributes. Or, create your own custom cupping vocabulary with descriptors individualized for team member roles.

Multi-User Access

Faster and more efficient workplace

  • Save time and collaborate with your team
  • Access up-to-date roastery information
  • Reduce production-related emails and texts
  • Issue username and passwords to each team member
Three men working together in roastery

Streamlining your workflows

We provide immediate access to up-to-date information that keeps everyone in sync.

Multi-user access Multi-user access iPad

Pick a plan that fits

Start by choosing a RoastLog plan that suits your needs. As your business grows, add additional users à la carte, or easily upgrade plans to increase your users and access more features.

Set roles and user permissions

Limit access to sensitive data and certain functionality to specific people on your team in RoastLog. Give your employees permission-based access to exactly what they need to do their work through the roles and permissions page.

Get work done

RoastLog is the single place for managing production, quality, and Inventory. Logging user actions such as green coffee delivery check-ins, manual inventory adjustments, roasting activity, and cuppings streamlines communications and improves efficiency.


Efficient processes and communication

  • Get feedback from a trusted colleague
  • Demonstrate your expertise with your wholesale clientele
  • Build relationships at origin by sharing results with producers
  • Anchor your coffee education program
Man and woman looking at laptop together in roastery

Working toward a common goal

We foster team connection — from producers to customers.

Collaboration Collaboration iPad

Share information to further your business

Strengthening your brand with wholesale accounts and their customers is easy using RoastLog’s collaboration tools. Selectively share your profiles and provide cupping notes to showcase your attention to quality and to increase your sales.

Improve your roasts

Communicate and gather feedback through RoastLog as part of your continuous quality improvement program. Share roast profiles, cupping notes, and grading results with coffee consultants and trusted advisors to help step up your roasting game.

Build relationships with producers

Easily collaborate beyond your walls and immediate team with RoastLog. Provide valued feedback on samples to producers to help guide their operations, and express your interests and preferences to you importers.

Product Lines

Expansive product offerings

  • Segment your production activity and inventory by channel
  • Create unlimited products and track their data individually
  • Catalog and organize coffee recipe bean lot components
  • Track roasting activity for private label customers
Man weighing beans into individual coffee bag

Extending product lines and new relationships

We help you manage demand from cafe, retail, wholesale, and private labels all under one roof.

Product Lines Product Lines iPad

Manage your product lines

RoastLog gives you the power to create different products in the system — no matter if it’s for your cafe or a client — allowing you to separately track each product.

Tap into the same inventory

Bring order to chaos by keeping your Inventory up-to-date with RoastLog, giving you the power to pull bean lot allocation for each product, whether it’s for your cafe or someone else’s.

Foster your wholesale relationships

Use RoastLog to market your coffees. Illustrate your expertise, communicate your craft, and bolster your clients’ coffee knowledge by sharing your data with RoastLog’s collaboration tools.

Maintenance Logs

Well-oiled machine

  • Minimize downtime and hit production targets
  • Schedule preventative maintenance reminders
  • Log corrective maintenance and repairs
  • Keep track of service visits
Man cleaning coffee roasting equipment

Keeping your equipment running

We make sure the heart of your roasting operation continues pumping.

Maintenance Logs Maintenance Logs iPad

Never miss a scheduled service again

Input your service and when it should be done in RoastLog, and we’ll remind you when it’s time to do the work. Don’t stop with your roasters; we can send service reminders for all of your roastery equipment.

Keep everyone on the same page

Get back to roasting quickly. Let the team know when critical repairs or corrective maintenance has been completed. Schedule, manage, and record all of your servicing activity in RoastLog, while maximizing production capacity.

Avoid costly downtime

Stay ahead of catastrophic equipment problems. Use RoastLog to log preventative maintenance and schedule critical production activity around your PMs. Reduce unnecessary overtime and missed production goals by keeping your roasters, destoners, grinders, and other equipment online.