A simply better way to roast coffee

We bring a customer-focused obsession to designing RoastLog. Our platform helps specialty coffee roasters grow without sacrificing quality and consistency, allowing you to focus on what matters most — sourcing and roasting the best coffee.

Manage your business from anywhere.

Record and manage all of your roast operation data in one place. Instantly know what coffees are trending, where your inventory stands, and how your coffee commitments impact purchase decisions. User updates sync in real-time and empower your team to make accurate and instantaneous decisions.

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Manage your business from anywhere

Streamline your roast operations.

We’re here to help make your roastery more efficient. Instantly update your inventory, calculate batch yields, and tweak blend recipes without having to wait until the production day is over. Eliminate double entry of samples; click once to add them to inventory. House all of your roast information, like incoming coffee and inventory adjustments, in one place for your team to view.

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Streamline your roast operations

Collaborate with your entire team — from suppliers to customers.

What we prize about working in coffee are the relationships. Keep your producers, trusted suppliers, wholesale customers, and bar staff in the loop whether they are all in one place or spread across multiple locations. With tiered permissions, share profiles, roasting notes, and cupping information without revealing sensitive data.

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Collaborate with your entire team

Ready to Give RoastLog a Try?

We have plans for every coffee roaster. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re running a tight ship, we have plans that will help take your roastery to the next level. We would love to show you around — schedule a demo today!

Develop your quality management system.

We appreciate how much time goes into selecting, sourcing, and roasting quality coffee. Our platform houses your entire quality assurance and control components in one place. From grading green coffees and cupping samples to tracking certified coffees and managing air quality, we have everything under one roof to help ensure consistent, quality coffee every roast.

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Develop your quality management system

Plug and play with all coffee roasters.

Built for commercial roasters, our goal is for RoastLog to be available to anyone, on any device. We’re the first web-based solution, allowing you to connect via Bluetooth or USB. And, our setup is easy. Whether you opt for our Data Bridge or use a Phidgets data logger, simply connect and roast.

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Plug and play with all coffee roasters

Harness powerful insights without headaches.

We’ve gone out of our way to keep things simple. But don’t mistake simple for a lack of horsepower. Our clean interface delivers just the information you need — useful and actionable data to take your roastery to the next level.

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Harness powerful insights without headaches

Fit any budget with upfront pricing.

All of our subscriptions are packed with functionality for commercial roasters of every size. Having spent 10+ years getting to know the ins and outs of roasteries, our plans focus on features that will help you grow to the next level. Our pricing is upfront without complicated roasting volume calculations, so you always know what your monthly investment will be.

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fit any budget with upfront pricing

Partner with a top-notch support team.

When you succeed, we succeed. We’re available by phone, email, video calls,and even in-app chat. So whether you prefer to browse our extensive support articles on your own or you’d like to chat with one of us directly, we’re here to help every step of the way.

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partner with a top-notch support team