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    Accurate Temperature Measurements

    Almost every roaster already has at least one installed — and for good reason. Artisan roasters tend to understand the subtle nuances of their roasting equipment. RoastLog marries craft with technology by providing insight into the thermal dynamics of your particular equipment, thereby giving you better control over the coffee roast level. If degree of roast is the destination, the best roasters know it's all about the journey.

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    Data Bridge

    Automated Data Collection

    Are you logging your roasts by hand? Collecting roast profiles is essential to helping coffee reach it's full potential. Collecting that information need not be a chore. RoastLog includes custom hardware designed to auto-magically record time and temperature during the roast without disrupting your workflow — allowing you to focus more on achieving consistent results.

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    Share. Collaborate. Anywhere.

    It's never been easier to manage your roasting operation. While you control your roasts, we'll manage all the data. With all your key roasting info in one place, just login and you'll have complete confidence in your quality system. As a web-based system, RoastLog gives you access to your inventory, roast profiles and cupping notes from anywhere. Share roast details and cupping notes via Twitter, Facebook or email.

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    Organize Your Coffees

    Are you managing details about your coffee or are you barely managing? RoastLog allows you to track and organize coffee inventory, analyze usage, forecast sales, record roast profiles, schedule roasting equipment maintenance and create custom cupping forms. No more spreadsheets. Go ahead, ditch the spiral notebook and keep all of your key roasting information all in one system. Trust us, you'll be glad you did.

Craft meets TECHNOLOGY We appreciate how much time you spend selecting, sourcing and roasting quality coffee. Use RoastLog to record, track and share the information that matters most to your roasting operation.

What our customers say

“RoastLog has given us a window into our roasting processes. We're now able to run experiments and make adjustments with greater understanding of the effect on the coffee.”
--Steve Ford
“Simple, organized, and moreover, thorough.”
--Shark Senesac
“As a small roaster in a world of rising coffee prices, RoastLog has helped me streamline and redefine my business in an extremely cost effective way.”
--Bryan Joslin

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Thank you to all of our new and future customers, friends and integration partners for stopping by our booth. As always, we had a fantastic time talking to you all!

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