Where Technology and Roasting Collide

RoastLog is specifically built to help fast-growing companies scale their operations while maintaining quality and consistency — preserving what made you popular in the first place.

Combining their passions for technology and coffee, Brian Zambrano and Linsey Fan created RoastLog to fill a void—a need for a professional logging system for coffee roasters. What started off as a passion project, quickly grew to become an industry leader in specialty coffee roasting software. Today, the RoastLog suite of tools streamlines the coffee roasting process. From green coffee inventory organization and sample management, to roast profile and cupping notes, RoastLog semessly unites the roast production process.

Throughout it all, we’re grounded in these core values:

Innovative technology.

While we’re coffee geeks, we work to bring our customers leading-edge software and hardware.

Intuitive software.

Our software is powerful, yet easy to use, allowing you to focus on what really matters: outstanding coffee every batch.

Feedback oriented.

RoastLog is constantly evolving. We consistently reinvest upwards of 40% of our budget into our software for enhancements and feature requests.

Customer centered.

You’re more than just a number. Every step of the way, we’re here to help you grow your business.

The RoastLog Team

Brian Zambrano

Brian Zambrano

Engineering Nerd and Fearless Leader

The driving force behind the company, Brian provides the programming skills behind the application. He was bitten by the coffee bug while on a rock climbing trip in France. Over the next few years, he explored home roasting, coffee school, and SCAA conferences, eventually roasting on a Diedrich IR7. Brian quickly realized the need for a professional roast logging system and started work on RoastLog.

Linsey Fan

Linsey Fan

Business Development, Marketing, and Sales

Linsey leads company strategy, sales, and marketing at RoastLog. Friends for many years, Brian shared his idea for RoastLog with Linsey, and they quickly joined forces focusing his attention on customer success and product design. Linsey brings more than 20 years of Bay Area sales and product management experience to the team, with a particular focus on hardware and software development for biological and life science research labs.

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