Frequently Asked Questions

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Getting Started

We’d like to think so.

RoastLog will help you record and save your roast profiles. This seemingly simple task, will allow you to harness powerful insights and consistently help your coffees reach their full potential.

Plus, automated roast profile logging allows you to experiment and focus on making tweaks to your roasts — incrementally improving the flavor profiles of your coffees. As you dial in your roasts, previously recorded roast curves and notes can be pulled up for reference, helping you build a library of optimized profiles for every coffee on your menu.

Yes! We succeed when you succeed. Not only do we have an extensive library of support articles that walk new users through setup and outline best practices, but we also invite users to chat with us directly via in-app chat. Whether you’re the type that likes to work at your own pace, shoot off a quick email, or jump on a call, we’ll be there for you every step of the way.

No way. We would rather see you grow and to be your partner every step of the way.

Nobody likes hidden fees and pricing shenanigans — ourselves included. We’re fully committed to transparent and upfront pricing. You’ll know exactly what you’re paying each month, and it won’t fluctuate based on the number of roasters or your roasting volume. Check it out for yourself, head over to our pricing page.

If you plan to set up RoastLog in production, in your lab, or on multiple sites, check out this write up that includes some tips, tricks, and considerations.

Our pay-as-you-go model makes it easy to select a subscription plan that fits almost any budget. This approach also allows you to pick the features and functionality that make sense for your coffee roasting operations.

Initial setup costs will depend on whether your roasting equipment is already outfitted with compatible thermocouples or RTDs and how many data bridges/data loggers are needed. On average, users will spend anywhere from nothing to a few hundred dollars to get started.

See our sign up page for plan pricing and registration links.

Our goal from the start has been to make our software accessible to as many roasters as possible. We’ve created tiered plans that allow you the flexibility to choose the services that make sense for your business. Our pay-as-you-go model has allowed growing organizations to reap the benefits of RoastLog immediately without needing to budget for a large capital expense.

We regularly ship updates and new features. With our software, there’s no need to update; you access the latest version every time you log in — no new downloads, patches, or re-installation.

Roasting Equipment and Temperature Sensor FAQs

RoastLog will work with just about any type of roaster. In fact, we've helped coffee, chocolate, and nut roasting operations successfully setup RoastLog on drum roasters, fluid bed roasters, sample roasters, and even home roasting equipment.

You are in good shape as long as you have a Mac, Windows-based PC, or Chromebook with decent processing power, reliable internet access, and either USB or Bluetooth connectivity. We even have an app for iPads!

Roasting equipment will require compatible temperature sensors, e.g., ungrounded type-J or type-K thermocouples, or RTDs. If your roaster doesn’t come with pre-installed temperature sensors, we have sensors available for purchase and can make suggestions on the installation and placement.

Dealing with a unique situation? Reach out to us via chat or drop us a note at

RoastLog will need dedicated temperature sensors for logging profiles. These can be installed in parallel to existing sensors or existing unused sensors can be repurposed for use with RoastLog. Compatible sensors include:

  • Thermocouples: ungrounded type-J and type-K
  • Resistance Temperature Detectors: PT100 RTDs

If you’d like to discuss your specific setup, feel free to reach out to us via chat or drop us a note at

These little technical marvels are actually very cool and we thoroughly enjoy geeking out this type of stuff. Whether you end up using a thermocouple or RTD temperature sensor, installation and placement on your roasting equipment will be identical. Check out this article for tips on sorting out your sensor situation.

Nobody likes hidden fees and pricing shenanigans — ourselves included. We’re fully committed to transparent and upfront pricing. You’ll know exactly what you’re paying each month, and it won’t fluctuate based on the number of roasters or your roasting volume. Check it out for yourself, head over to our pricing page.

Roast Profiling FAQs

Absolutely. Our logging application supports the real-time display of rate-of-rise (RoR), or heating rate, to enable your decisions about gas and airflow settings during roasting. We provide a graphical display within the chart, as well as a numerical value to help roasters gauge the progression of their roasting. The RoR for reference roast profiles can also be toggled on/off to help keep your roasting profile display clean and uncluttered.

Well frankly, a lot … but in a nutshell, RoastLog goes beyond simple profile logging. Our users benefit from the ease-of-use, portability, accessibility, and support that comes from a company that focuses solely on software design and development. RoastLog provides the ease of automated roast profiling with the additional benefits of managing your inventory, influencing purchasing decisions, and streamlining production.

Computer Setup FAQs

There are definitely some technical requirements to keep in mind around things like access to the internet, USB port availability, and Bluetooth connectivity that you can read about here. That said, we’ve built RoastLog with two things in mind related to computers:

  • Compatibility with a wide range of devices
  • Software that’s not a resource hog

No matter if you prefer Macs, WIndow-based machines, Chromebooks, or an iPad, we have a solution for you.

Our one piece of advice: be sure that your computer isn’t so economical that you compromise on processing power. This is a problem we tend to see with low-budget devices and older computers.

We’re proud to have developed the first and only iPad application dedicated to commercial coffee roasting. Our users wanted the benefits of logging software with the convenience of a touch screen. Enter the RoastLogger for iPad application!

The RoastLogger for iPad app can be found in the Apple App Store. The app communicates wirelessly via Bluetooth with our Data Bridge. You just need to provide a compatible iPad. Get all the nitty gritty details here.

As a web-based system, access to the internet is central to how our system works. However, we understand internet connections can be spotty — especially in a production environment. Should your network go down or the connection to your ISP be lost, our software is designed to temporarily store the information until the data is safely handed off to the website.

Data Security & Reliability FAQs

Absolutely. At the risk of getting too nerdy, your account data is backed by no fewer than two redundant databases. This means that in the unlikely event that one was erased or otherwise corrupted, we have a full backup. On top of that, we also take snapshots of the database every three hours and upload that to Amazon S3 , which provides 99.999999999% durability (really).

What all this means is that you can count on your roasting data being there when you need it. Have a look for yourself on our status page.

Whether you’re at your desk or on the road, keeping track of things like production activity, inventory status, incoming green coffee deliveries, sample evaluations, quality management, and equipment maintenance are as simple as logging in to our secure website. RoastLog is a web-based software, so it’s accessible from any device, anywhere you have internet.

Absolutely. We take security seriously. Access to your data is not only restricted to authorized users with login credentials, you can choose to control what users can see and do on the platform by setting up roles and permission for those with accounts.

Rest assured that we proactively protect your data from bad actors — from hackers to rogue employees. System-wide vulnerability scans of our platform are performed on a regular basis. We also transmit your data safely using encryption and store your data securely.