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We help data-driven specialty coffee roasters expand operations without sacrificing roast quality and consistency - preserving what your customers know and love.

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Nail Your Roasts Every Time

Our platform not only helps you dial-in your coffees but helps you reproduce top-notch results again and again.


Manage Your Roasting Production

From roast quality to inventory management, we will streamline your business — saving you time and money.


Roast Operations at a Glance

Easily run reports to track bean usage, understand costs, monitor inventory, and more.


Nail Your Roasts Every Time

Roast profile data collection is essential to your coffee reaching its full potential. Dial-in your roast profiles while logging key events and sensory observations. Overlay previous roast profiles to help consistently reproduce your optimized flavor profiles.

Andy Baker
“Consistency is a key component in specialty coffee, especially when it comes to roasting. RoastLog makes our lives a little bit easier — helping our customers get the same delicious cup each visit. You guys rock!” — Andy Baker, Owner at Chocolate Fish
Roast Profiles

Manage Your Roasting Production

Keep all of your roasting production data in one place. From inventory and profiling to samples and cupping, connect all the dots in RoastLog. Together we’ll make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Ryan Rabaca
"RoastLog provides a wealth of information regarding every single roast we do. That sort of detailed information is invaluable when adjusting roast curves or cupping for quality control." - Ryan Rabaca, Caffe Ladro
Partner Collaboration

Roast Operations at a Glance

Access to information is the key to a well-oiled operation. Information is only useful when it’s readily available and easy to understand. Your team can instantly access data from anywhere.

Ian Picco
"It used to take a long time to sift through spreadsheets and manually enter info about my coffees. Now data collection and analysis is streamlined and saves us hours every week!" - Ian Picco, Topeca Coffee, 2018 U.S. Roaster Champion

Features for Days

We combine our passion for coffee with our expertise in technology. Our goal since day one was to have a simple and easy-to-use interface that customers want to use. But don’t mistake simple for lack of horsepower.

Working with the roasting community, RoastLog includes tons of features that integrate all aspects of roasting operations to deliver the information you need for your roastery to succeed.

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Justin Dunk
"We really like using RoastLog... It's easy to use and saves me time when fulfilling orders and deciding when to restock." - Justin Dunk, New Harvest Coffee Roasters

Ready to Get Started?

You won’t find convoluted pricing, complicated use-based costs, or hidden fees with us. Just like our platform, we keep our pricing simple.

Each of our plans includes a free 30-day trial period and a 90-day money-back guarantee. You’re able to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel anytime — hassle-free.

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